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Nextcoins - kriptovalyuta new generation or a worthy replacement Bitcoins?

Most modern kriptovalyut repeated bitcoins and its algorithm, and the objectives of its existence. Some - on the contrary - extremely originalny- as, for example, Solarcoins are their history and the very purpose of the creation of coins associated with obtaining the purest in the world of solar energy. There are kriptovalyuty intended for the prosperity of the whole country - both were born this spring Icelandic coins Auroracoins. By the way, both of these currencies unites atypical for kriptovalyut feature - for their production does not require any computer or ore mining, procedure. For most of us, however, the only way to get Solarcoins and Auroracoins - it is their purchase, or exchange for bitcoins.
Some of kriptovalyut most expensive, others are the fastest, but the strangest perhaps it Nextcoins. Sometimes referred to as even revolutionary kriptovalyutoy. There is no doubt that Nextcoins - it kriptovalyuta do next, another generation and Next name is no accident. It is not based on the source code of Bitcoin. Nextcoins has the function "Clear Mining", which (according to the developers) can bring them not only the leading kriptovalyutam world, but also to compete with the size of transactions with Visa and MasterCard.
Main characteristics Nextcoins:
1.Valyuta completely decentralized
2.Polnostyu anonymous
3.Kod written from scratch
5.Dengi protected by a password, which comes up with the user
6.Kolichestvo - 1 billion coins
7.Tarif translation - 1 coin
8.Nachat Mining from scratch is impossible - you will first need to buy Nextcoins
Price of the new currency is small - 1 coin worth about 5 cents. Naturally, now no one can predict whether the price will soar Nextcoins well as bitkoynovskaya, or the currency will join a number of numerous tertiary altkoynov. But many believe that Nextcoins sooner or later will compete with the old-timers of the world of digital currencies. This is neither an analyst to accurately predict not. Undoubtedly another - that Nextcoins really become a new chapter in the history kriptovalyut (in the list of major altkoynov is already included).