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At least Privat customers who use payment cards against their will - Gfk research

More than half of the owners of payment cards offered in Ukrainian banks, card use is not on their own. This is evidenced by a study of the banking market of Ukraine, conducted in Q4 2011 by GFK Ukraine.

The most common clients of Ukrainian banks offer payment cards by the employer. Among commercial banks, which were studied, least of all customers who open card is not on its own initiative, it was a Privat.

The study interviewed customers who have opened a private bank, payroll or credit card. According to the survey, nearly 70% of the cards that are open most of the domestic banks that were initiated by the enterprises or companies in which they operate. On his own initiative received a card, only 18%, or one-fifth of the surveyed banks' customers.

Among the largest commercial banks in the most cards at the initiative of the employer, was discovered in "UkrSibbank" - 67%, at RSE "Aval", the figure is 58%. In this case, the market leader - Privat, according to GFK Ukraine, the share of cards in the overall portfolio was 41%.

The most common credit cards for personal use in the open Privatbank - 34% of respondents, or every third client reported just such a goal of opening the card. In the RSE "Aval" on its own initiative open a map 27% of the customers, "UkrSibbank" 20%, other banks - 18% of clients.

In addition to receiving wages, according to research GFK Ukraine, Ukrainians, most banks offer payment cards for retirement - 19% scholarship - 5% and for other purposes - 9%

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