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Discount Club

For owners of luxury cards Visa Infinite, MasterCard World Signia, Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum mini, MasterCard Platinum and Gold PrivatBank developed a special loyalty program - Discount Club "PrivatBank VIP". The idea of ​​a club based on the principle of wealthy clients advice on visiting the network of companies that meet the high status of elite institutions.
The program we continuously selected elite of trade and service areas in three countries - Ukraine, Russia (based on MoskomprivatBank) and Georgia (based PrivatBank). Participants of the project provide a decent standard of service and discounts to customers paying elite payment cards issued by Privat Bank (Ukraine), MoskomprivatBank (Russia), PrivatBank (Georgia), AS "PrivatBank" (Latvia).
Discount Club was launched in 2003, and for a short period of its existence became more than 3600 partners - the elite companies. For information on all members of the Club and the size of discounts they offer, you can get on this website in the discount network "PrivatBank VIP", as well as stranitsahzhurnala "PrivatBank VIP"

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