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Electronic purse Visa Plus

Electronic purse Visa Plus - a convenient way to transfer money from their subsequent removal from ATMs.
Card served in Ukraine and abroad - all ATMs with the logo of Visa Plus.
Updating maps produced as a personal banker to call on your primary card for 15 minutes and cash in any branch of Privatbank.
Number of cards, "electronic purse", which you can order your personal banker, is not limited.

Prior to the use of the card to perform the operation change the PIN at an ATM Privatbank.
To change the transaction PIN:
· Insert your card into the ATM Privat, enter the PIN number, which corresponds to the "0000" and follow the instructions displayed on the screen;
· Select "Change PIN";
· In the window prompted, enter the new PIN code - any 4 digits that will be convenient for you to remember and later use;
· Re-enter your chosen PIN.

Now your card is protected from unauthorized use.

In the future, the PIN should be kept as strictly confidential information: a note of it, not write it down on paper, and if recorded, would not in any way or store it in your wallet next to the card.

Validity period indicated directly on the map.

The owner card required to take measures to prevent the loss (theft) card, PIN and the data printed on a card, or their misuse.

In the case of card loss (theft, ATM card withdrawal), as well as suspicion of a violation of the confidentiality of the PIN you must immediately notify the personal banker.

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