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Instant Unembossed Visa Classic

We are pleased to inform you that the Cyprus branch of the Privat, from 15.10.2011 year, offers its clients new card product - the map Instant Unembossed Visa Classic.

Distinctive features maps Instant Unembossed Visa Classic:

- Ensuring maximum protection against fraudulent transactions if lost or stolen cards - card is issued with a chip and magnetic stripe;
- Confidentiality - no map name card holder;
- Ensuring prolonged life of the card - card is issued for 3 years.

The card has the following features and specifications:

- The international map, with an optimal combination of price and quality (issue - 60 USD / EUR, monthly maintenance - 12,50 USD /
14 EUR, the fee for cash withdrawals in the Privat - 1%);
- Is the most recognizable brand of Visa and intended to withdraw cash and pay for goods and services in the sales and service network;
- Can be produced for individual clients, and as a corporate cards for staff and trustees of the company;
- Connect Card System Mobile-Banking provides round the clock access to information on the card and the balance of all the movements on the map in the mode of on-line.

Typical documents required for opening of the card:

- Agreement on the opening and maintenance of the card account;
- Application for opening an account and issue the card;
- Copy of passport and proof of residence of the cardholder.

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