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Privat began selling tickets on trains, buses and planes on the phone

Privat has launched a new service - to sell tickets for transportation on the phone. Now, to buy a ticket for bus, train or plane, do not need to go to a bank branch. Book and pay for the trip or you can fly from their mobile phones by dialing a free number of the bank's short 3700. The bank's commission for buying tickets over the phone is the same as in offices.

"It's fantastic! Just imagine how much time we save our clients the service! Several months ago, we saved them time, allowing not buy tickets at the box office stations and the nearest branch. Now it all comes down to two-minute call toll-free! - Said deputy government Privat Yuri Kandaurov. - Again, this service - one more step to unload our offices. "

Today on the phone 3700 can buy train and bus tickets in any direction for Ukraine, as well as tickets for domestic and international flights companies "Aerosvit" and "Dniproavia". Purchase tickets by phone does not differ from the usual trip to the cashier. The operator of the bank is enough to say the date, time, direction of travel and the proposed mode of transport. Payment of the ticket only after confirmation by the client transaction via SMS.

When buying a train and bus tickets to the phone SMS client comes with a number of e-ticket on which he can not turn a "live" tickets at any train or bus ticket office no later than 30 minutes before departure. In an exchange of e-ticket on the paper must present a passport. If booked and paid for airfare, the client will receive your tickets via e-mail and can print it at home or office.

To date, through the offices of PrivatBank and online banking system Privat24 daily sold over 2000 tickets for all modes of transport. Since the introduction of "ticket" service in Privatbank in 2010, his services in the planning of trips taken advantage of over 480,000 people.

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