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Privatbank (Cyprus)

Twelve years of successful operation of the first and so far the only branch of the Ukrainian bank in the country - member of the European Union - speak for themselves.
Today Cyprus branch:

repeatedly marked by Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas as a bank that provides the highest percentage of STP-payments among banks in Greece and Cyprus

one of the first banks in the European Union became a direct participant in the new payment system TARGET2

to speed up the calculations, along with a correspondent bank accounts in the head, direct correspondent accounts in U.S. dollars to Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas, New York, the euro at Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main and in British pounds - in Deutsche Bank AG, London

payments within the system performs Privat, including transfers to PrivatBank (Ukraine), Moscomprivatbank (Russia), AS PRIVATBANK (Latvia, Portugal) and TaoPrivatBank (Georgia) at reduced rates

calculates clients with their partners in limited convertible currencies - Russian ruble, Belarusian rubles, MDL, Kazakh Tenge, as well as the conversion of these currencies

carries out all types of operations with plastic cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard

execute immediate transfers in over 100 countries around the world in 10 minutes

offering rates on deposits of up to 10% per annum, all deposits up to 100,000 euros guaranteed by the Fund Deposit Protection Scheme, controlled by the Central Bank of Cyprus

offers its clients a full range of banking services.

Nicosia central office
3, Kallipoleos avenue, Geogas Tower, 3rd floor, CY-1055, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone: +357-22-750378 Fax: +357-22-750608
nick@pbank.com.ua www.privatbank.ua

Nicosia office
33, Dighenis Akritas avenue,
CY-1055, Nicosia
Phone: +357-22028073
Fax: +357-22028074

Limassol office
3, Chr.Mylona Str, Eftapaton Building, Ground Floor
CY-3030, Limassol, Cyprus
Phone: +357-25340837
Fax: +357-25342456

Larnasa office
19B, Grigori Afxentiou str.,
CY-6023, Larnaka
Phone: +357-24023020
Fax: +357-24023021

Paphos office
20, Ikarou str.,
CY-8041, Paphos
Phone: +357-26222176
Fax: +357-26912997

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