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Privatbank (Italy)


AS "PrivatBank" was officially registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia.
The bank granted a license makes it possible to conduct banking operations.

The bank issued a license allowing to carry out banking operations with foreign currency.

AS "PrivatBank" is one of the first banks in Latvia, which offers banking services del'home "PARITATE B @ nkNet".

During the year, as well as the means of active management of the Bank increased by 5 times, for the year's best profit margins in this industry: return on capital and reserves (ROE) = 68,75%, return on assets (ROA) = 7,09%.
The bank received a license Europay.
The Bank is a full member of SWIFT.

He began issuing credit cards MasterCard and Maestro.
The weighted policy allows the bank to overcome the economic and financial crisis in Russia and concluded that "a difficult year for all banks with proffito.

The Bank offers its customers systems system Paritate Online account management using one of the most reliable means of information protection: SSL 128 bits.
The Bank offers account management Imptenditori existing on-line (the ability to pay for goods and services for payment cards on-line).
AS "PrivatBank" is the first in the Baltic countries, which raises the question of work to pay for the network: Internet MasterCard.

The Bank was licensed by Visa International and began issuing credit cards: Visa and Visa Electron.

The turnover of the members of the Bank.

Connecting to the system of money transfers PrivatMoney.
The introduction of new travel cards Private.
Changes in the corporate style of the bank.
Modernization of the Banking del'home (Paritate Online).

The main objective of the Bank is strengthening its position in the market for banking services and the creation of prestigious and recognizable brands in the market in Latvia and abroad. The development of new services and products aimed at both foreign customers that the domestic market.

In 2004 he opened a network of branches and ATMs. It establishes relationships with more than 500 dealers. They have installed more than 850 POS-terminals on the whole territory of Latvia. In addition, it opened an office in Portugal, you proggetta opening offices in other similar countries.

AS "PrivatBank" was awarded the annual prize "Deutsche Bank in 2004, Straight-Through Processing (STP) Excellence Award". They are open five branches: in Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Daugavpils and Valmiera.

Bank expands range of banking products to individuals and legal entities. Bank's branch network is expanding: AS "PrivatBank" opens a branch in Daugavpils.

AS "PrivatBank" opens a new branch office in Lisbon. Our bank is the first bank in the new member states "of the European Union, which opened a branch in Portugal, and offers services in Russian, Ukrainian and Portuguese.
May 2007: International rating agency Moody 's Investors Services Ltd enhances long-term credit rating of AS "PrivatBank" of B2 to B1. Lifting rating rifflette strengthen the bank's position in global financial markets.
AS "Paritate Banka" offers entrepreneurs a unique product for Latvia: microcredit. Microcredit creates opportunities for small and medium businesses get credit to 10 000 LVL for a term not exceeding two years without bail.
AS "PrivatBank" to develop a new product for individuals: loan programs: + deposit TRIO. With TRIO + can simultaneously place cash and earn interest on the deposit to the expiration of the agreed period, or monthly interest (depending on the choice of the customer) to get a payment card VISA Electron (international card) with a limit of a loan of up to 80% of the amount and more to get free access to home banking Paritate Online.
AS "PrivatBank" was awarded the Deutsche Bank "Deutsche Bank's 2006 Straight-Through Processing (STP) Excellence Award". This award reflects the quality and speed of processing payments in euros and U.S. dollars, the use of technologies and high professionalism of AS "PrivatBank".
Name AS "PrivatBank" changes and becomes AS "PrivatBank". E 'was named the parent bank's limited stock of the Company on the basis of Ukrainian commercial bank "Privat". Changing the name is considered a step towards the merger of member banks. The bank's capital increased by 7.1 million lats. At present, the amount of bank capital amounted to LVL 10650000.
He has made the modernization of del'home Paritate Online Banking. The system is updated, so working with it becomes easier and easier. Henceforth, the name of the service Privat Online.
Untranslated is a new service: "Chat Online" that allows users to ask questions and get answers about the bank and its services. "Chat Online" is "available to clients 24/7. Service comes in three languages: English, Russian, Latvian.
In the branch network the Bank continues to expand across the country. In December 2007 the number of branches and groups of AS "PrivatBank" in Latvia has reached the number thirty.

AS "PrivatBank" the organization supports a second "No Blogger Conference in the community" of Independent States and Baltic States ", dedicated to new technologies in the field of mass communication. In the course of a more "than 15 years AS" PrivatBank "is recognized as number one bank in the area of ​​the Commonwealth of Independent States and the" operating in Eastern Europe at a high technological level. For this reason, the bank is interested in new technologies, new media, blogs and the people who create them. The second "No conference Blogger" was attended by over 500 participants.
AS "PrivatBank" offers its customers a new prestiggiose credit cards: VISA Gold and VISA Platinum.Questo customer group has facilities in different industries and different countries. VIP-bank customers are able to use the services of the depository.
For entrepreneurs developed a product that allows you to accumulate funds, called the bill "Profitable". This account allows you to receive the accrued interest on the amount, after several days of detention of money in the account.
In Jurmala was organized the first international conference that brings together customers and business partners of the banking group "Privat".
Investors agency Moody 's Services Ltd confirms credit score AS "PrivatBank" B1/NP/E + level. Long-term deposit rating of B1 level is not supported. BFSR (Bank Financial Strength Rating) remains the same and will be recognized at the level of E +.
Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in Europe honors of AS "PrivatBank" with the award prestiggioso "STP Excellence Award 2007" for the maintenance of high quality payments arriving in EUR and USD.
The list of services provided by AS "PrivatBank" is enriched in asset management. Premium rates and investment plan "a great alternative to equity investments, especially in the face of a slowing global economic growth and falling stock market investments. Management plan asset target bank customers receive an income significantly higher than the interest rate is calculated on the deposit.

The Bank increased its share capital by issuing shares of 20235000 in the same category with voting rights and nominal value of LVL 1,00 each. All shares issued were subscribed and paid in full. Thus, the capital subscribed and paid-AS "PrivatBank" is LVL 40.47 million.
In the month of June opened its doors to customers, the Italian branch of the "AS PrivatBank". It is located in the historic center of Rome near the Vatican, by Vespasian in 46 / b, and serves its customers not only in Italian and Latvian, but Russian and Ukrainian languages.
In September, AS "PrivatBank" branch in Italy, began offering a new type of deposit: EuroDeposit.

In January, the British magazine "The Banker" recognized the parent company AS "PrivatBank" SPA KB PRIVATBANK the best bank in Ukraine in 2010. According to research "the most respected companies of Ukraine", SPA PRIVATBANK Central Bank has also been recognized as a leader in the Ukrainian banking system in terms of customer confidence. AS "PrivatBank", which provides banking services not only in Latvia but also in Portugal, Italy and Germany, in practice, their work experience and knowledge gained in the SPA PRIVATBANK KB, thus providing its customers excellent service in the local and foreign markets.
In May, AS "PrivatBank" branch in Italy began to offer two new types of deposit: a deposit "long term" and keeping "loyal."
From June AS "PrivatBank" branch in Italy, offers the following legal services: opening bank accounts, payment transactions, cash transactions, account management remotely, foreign currency transactions.
In July, Moody 's Affirms Bank of the previous (B2/NP deposit rating of financial E +) with a stable outlook. Situation assessment index of AS "PrivatBank" has remained unchanged since 2008, an excellent test for the stability and soundness of the bank.
Swift - PRTTIT22

AS "PrivatBank" - subsidiary in Italy
Via Vespasian, 46a / b
00192 Rome

Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 16:15, lunch break from 12:30 to 13:20

Phone: +39 06 39081911
Fax: +39 06 39081912

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