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PrivatBank launched a unique service for legal persons opening accounts via the Internet

PrivatBank launched for service of legal unykalnыy of persons and entrepreneurs. Now zarezervyrovat for a possible expense of banking raschetnыy mhnovenno Bank website.

After filling the Simple Forms in kotoroy enough be listed Name, phone number and pin region of residence, client immediately gets the same Essential and expense of his ego for the Use could obtain payments.

"Imagine a situation. You urgently need it dat Essential Vashem partner for obtaining from him or oplatы ukazanyya for in the contract. By some kind of reasons do you not want a emu give Essential basic expense, who you have there is (for example, want a sэkonomyt on commission payments inside the PrivatBank) - said the head byznesa service marks of Small and Medium Enterprises PrivatBank Inna Zhuravleva. - Even if you would not our client, you can simply go to the site of the bank, fill A few fields here and Get Essential new expense! You can s immediately send a partner or be listed in the contract. "

For Enabling expense, openly online, you need to be provided techenye 5 days in the near udobnoe to client offices Standard package of documents. Podrobnuyu information on the Enabling expense soobschyt Personal manager, who svyazhetsya with client by specifying the phone immediately after im rezervyrovanyya account.

Privat - the largest Ukrainian bank and market leader of banking service marks. In today obsluzhyvaet naybolshee bank in the country The number of corporate clients - 219 thousand and more than 320 thousand private entrepreneurs. In DATA on February 1, 2012 year, Loan portfolio of legal PrivatBank to others dostyh 98.5 billion.

INTERNATIONAL bankovskaya group Privat obsluzhyvaet svыshe 22 million of corporate and of retail clients in 12 countries around the world, among them Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, China, Britain, Cyprus, Germaniya, Spain, Kazakhstan. Privat Bank recognized the year 2011 in Ukraine (The Banker Awards). Among the 1000 world leading banks PrivatBank took a 369 line, ukrepyv svoy posi with 416 place in 2010.

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