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PrivatBank payments

Liqpay - a secure payment system is a new generation, which allows you to easily send and receive money from the card of Visa or MasterCard over the world. perfect solution for instant start electronic commerce.

Acquiring Internet - If you decide to open a business in the area of ​​Internet commerce, or for a long time working in it - you need to connect to the service of acquiring Internet because the Internet-shop can not call yourself a shop, if he does not accept payments on the cards! Using this service, customers can easily, safely and on-line can pay for any purchase your goods or services over the Internet using payment cards Visa and MasterCard.

Regular payments (as part of an Internet connection, acquiring) - payment for your services is a regular character? (Paid hosting, domain names, Internet services and telephony, cable television, etc. ...) Are you still sending out to customers "reminders"? Your customer service team call up customers at the end of the month with a reminder, "Do not forget to update your account?" Your customers are worn out, "incomprehensible" disconnecting service? ;-) Activate regular payments - and the cards your customers will be automatically debited payments regularly to pay for your company. Of course, the terms of cancellation of the regular customers will be able to agree with the first payment in favor of your company - Subscribe to the regular payment.

Designer online stores:

AgentNano - allows you to create in minutes nanoshopy - minimagaziny for online sales. Easy start selling AgentNano - one of the easiest ways to start selling online. After downloading the description of the goods or services to the site AgentNano, you get the code to paste into your website, blog or profile on a social network. service is built on the principle of "all inclusive" - ​​designer shops, hosting goods, organization of affiliate programs, credit card payments, and chat.

Means of communication:

Siteheart - Free Chat is designed for online retailers, professionals / consultants and companies.

For anyone who understands that communication is the foundation of the business.

For those who just understands the phrase "strike while the iron on the spot," we built billing credit card directly into the chat, and now the hesitant customer will not be able to defer payment for your goods and services :-)

SiteHeart is a service for entrepreneurs and $ arabatyvayte Communicate!

Service delivery outlets SMS - Now you can always notify customers about updates to your store, discounts on business-lunch in your coffee and just congratulate on a holiday, such as the New Year and the 10th anniversary of your company.

Widget edwik - a wonderful thing that allows you to instantly organize collaborative editing page content (private or public), to organize feedback from customers through komentirovanie and vote. in fact it is a virtual CMS, which allows you to deploy a new site in minutes and begin to serve customers (incidentally, this page was created with the help of technology edwik.com)

SMS-polls - a great way to always be aware of the views of customers about your products / services, maintenance, etc. YOU - ask questions of your audience. They send the answers in the form of SMS-messages. SMS-service surveys will provide you with an interactive (!) Statistics survey, which is updated online. Service is FREE. Create your SMS-poll on our website http://drysms.com/

SMSRIVER.COM - it's a BOMB! simple, cheap and highly effective service for the employer of any sphere of activity. SMSriver.com a system of SMS-Ad, and local search. Seller shall publish the announcement of the sale via SMS, the buyer shall publish a request via SMS. The system selects the most suitable to each other announcements and notify both parties.

Create your own affiliate program!

Agentnano.com - engine to create your own affiliate program: Create your own widget nanoshop such a hit with the your goods. Set the conditions for the affiliate program. Place a widget on your site. Anyone can nanoshope click "Become a partner", indicating the number of mobile phone and got a little HTML-code, which then can be inserted into your website / blog / Lot at the auction and so on - wherever supported html.

Here is an example of a custom widget-affiliate: Online peoplenet.ua. Thus, anyone can "help» PEOPLEnet to sell from his website and get a reward.

How to pay the partners?

Liqpay MASS Payments - need to pay compensation partners? Not a problem! It's enough to know the partner's mobile phone number / s and use the service mass payments through Liqpay. The recipient does not even need to pre-register in the system. After sending the payment to the recipient's mobile phone number will receive SMS-message on the receipt of funds. Further, any recipient can transfer the money from the phone number on your VISA card of any bank in the world liqpay.com or send money through other liqpay number of mobile phones.

You can send payments to partners around the world - on any mobile phone, any mobile operator in any country. Sending Mass Payments - FREE for companies Sender. The minimum payout - 0.01 USD. And economical for the recipient - the tariffs for the transfer of funds from the phone to my Visa card can be found here.

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