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Ukrainians began to replenish mobilni phones via SMS

During the first quarter of 2012 Ukraine joined the residents of your mobile phone via SMS-banking Privat 2.5 million times, three times more than the first quarter last year.

As the press service of PrivatBank, most completions by SMS subscribers do "Kyivstar" - 47% of all transactions. Every third SMS-replenishment make subscribers "MTS", the share of other operators accounts for 19%. Notably, over 60% of customer transactions accounted for not only updating their phones, but phones and children and other relatives.

"Obviously, the future of mobile banking by mobile applications. Today, through the addition "Privat24" for iPhone and Android phones recharge their tens of thousands of people - said Deputy Chairman of PrivatBank Alexander Knight. - But while SMS, of course, is more accessible to the Ukrainian way to recharge. "

Privat - the largest operator in the Ukrainian market of immediate payment of mobile services. Every day through PrivatBank filled over 400,000 phones Ukrainian mobile operators. The most popular way is through payment terminals self - so fill up their phones every day 198,000 customers. Approximately 80 000 customers used to pay for connection Internet Bank "Privat24" ATM PrivatBank recharge mobile 60 000 subscribers, SMS-banking Privat daily to about 30,000 customers. More about 15 000 operations through cash offices and 10,000 customers replenish through telephone banking terminals in the trade network.

Privat in 1999 the world's first to offer its customers mobile banking. With SMS-commands from your mobile phone clients can learn balance on accounts, replenish mobile phone, make money transfers and other banking services.

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