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Credit Cards with Cash Back feature

The increase in revenue for many banks is directly related to an increase in the number of clients, including the active users of credit cards.

Especially for expanding range of consumer banks are developing new programs, through which customers can use them attractive for banking products on favorable terms. One of these credit cards are a function of the return of funds when making a purchase - Cash Back. Before you decide on the design of such a card, it is desirable to carefully examine all its positive and possibly negative side.
Single standard for plastic card with a functional Cash Back does not exist. They are the product of a particular bank in which the conditions are developed and subsequently concluded a treaty with the client, regulatory interest stavkuvozvratov. Since the main condition for obtaining a credit card - a contract, then study it and its annexes should be fully in them is the most interesting information. Appendices contain a list of companies, shops, cafes, gas stations and other similar institutions, payment for services or purchases that would entail the return of interest. Typically, the percentage number varies in the amount of 1-5%.
The decision to return the interest received by the issuing bank, the amount of repayment of funds spent, too, defines the bank. Typically, the banks do not have a credit card refund when withdrawing cash, paying gaming services, transfer money to other accounts, even if they are clearly indicated on the purchase. In a small list of some banks, in other - more advanced. In any case, the decision to receive Cash Back card should be an occasion to study the contract before signing it, deal with all matters arising from an employee of the bank.
Making Cards Cash Back. What to look for?
Returned to the card interest on purchases they make are to the Revenue. It is known in our state revenues are taxed, it is desirable to pay on time, so as not to be among the dodgers. As a rule, made by banks withholding tax of 13% from each of the recovered amounts and transfer it to the appropriate tax authorities. Before receiving the card is necessary to clarify this issue.
Making Credit Card Cash Back at some banks is accompanied by a provision of law to the client to pick a favorite store for shopping where the bank will appoint a bonus - a higher rate of return. This is a very nice thing for the client, allowing, for example, get an additional discount on the daily shopping at the supermarket or gas station. But here, too, can lie in wait for surprises - a number of banks such shares short. Item "Favorite Store" shall be examined once a quarter, some banks prefer to do this on their own and decide which of the shops is a favorite store for the next quarter of a client unilaterally. When signing the contract it is desirable to provide for such a situation.

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