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Georgia launched an educational project for students, Become the director Privatbank

The most talented students of economic specialties of Tbilisi State University will get a chance to become the head of this bank. Since the beginning of June in Georgia launched a unique educational project "Become a Director of Privat," which gives students an opportunity to try his hand at banking. The project takes place in a business game, and spend his Georgian PrivatBank with Tbilisi State University. I.Dzhavahishvili.

"I am pleased to work with the winner of the project, because to win the right to be a really well-versed in the banking industry - says the chairman of the board Privat (Georgia) Bogdan Lesyuk. - This project will be very useful for students and for Privat. We believe that the top 12 participants who will be the second round will be an excellent completion of our personnel reserve addition, the three finalists will be eligible for real jobs in the bank, but it sure is a start for young professionals. "

To one day take the chair of the bank manager, students must successfully complete three phases of business games. At the first stage of the team of students will be engaged in the regulation of the banking market, playing both commercial banks and for the government. The second stage of the game will be linked to direct the work of the bank. And at the last stage three of the finalists will meet with a special mission - to develop a full business plan for opening a bank branch. The winner of the final stages and will be the "director" Privat will be able to participate in meetings and conferences, meet with the leaders of the directions, to communicate with staff - in short, knows the work inside the bank.

Today, Privat serves over 22 million corporate and retail customers in 12 countries, including Georgia, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, China, Britain, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan. In 2011 in the 1000 ranking of the leading banks in the world of British magazine The Banker has Privat 369 line. In Georgia, Privat is one of the fastest growing commercial financial institutions. Privat in Georgia serves clients in 65 branches and offices.

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