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Privat began to issue certificates to motorists via the Internet

Privat Clients can order and receive the necessary information to motorists via the Internet.

As reported in the bank, now a certificate of repayment of the loan to buy a car, which is required when withdrawing a car with a credit account, you can get a few minutes through the Internet Bank Privat24. Also for the first time in Ukraine, motorists will be able to issue documents via the Internet and to allow for the installation of gas equipment in the car.

"Every week there Privat24 functions that allow our clients to do the operation for which it previously had to go into the office - said the deputy chairman of the Privat, Alexander Knight. - Although, of course, we are always happy to serve clients in our offices. Fortunately, we have thousands of them across the country. "

Press office of the bank like that today in Privat24 can be issued certificates of accounts (credit cards, deposit accounts, current accounts), personal loans, cash transactions, interest paid on mortgages, as well as permission to travel abroad. In May, the bank has implemented an automated system, and completing and submitting tax returns on income.

Monthly clients receive Privat bank of about 15 000 different references, and every tenth bank certificate is issued via the Internet. Most often, customers bought Privatbank help with their bills (over 10,000 per month), the repayment of loans (3000) and certificate of redemption for a car loan MREO (around 1000).

Privat24 - the most popular online bank in Ukraine and one of the largest in Eastern Europe, is now available to individuals and corporate clients in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Georgia and a number of EU countries. Designed to manage bank accounts through the Internet in real time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The total number of customers Privat24 of 3.5 million daily in the system by more than 175,000 transactions.

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