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Privat hull design began in their offices

Privat has introduced a new service for motorists. Now, at any bank can be designed not only to third party liability insurance policies, but also the policy of voluntary motor insurance hull insurance. Through the use of automated technology, to issue and pay policies can be no queues at any bank employee.

"Our technology now allow customers to draw Hull in a bank just a few minutes, - the head of the" Center of the insurance business, "Privat Valery Suksin. - Buy the policy in the bank often faster and more convenient than the insurers - no need to seek office insurance companies pay agents, bank branch probably have around your home and office, and the purchase of an insurance package will be cheaper. "

Today, with offices in the design of policies Privat CTP, and Hull is a discount of 10% of the cost srahovki. For all customers who have issued insurance policies in Privatbank, operates round the clock control center and a number of options - an urgent call traffic police and a free assessment in an accident. The conditions of the policy can change the windows, lights, mirrors and plastic parts of the machine in contact with rocks while driving, without supporting documents. In addition, hull insurance, issued in the bank, have a zero deductible for accidents, natural disasters and other risks.

Privat - the largest Ukrainian bank and a leader of the retail banking market. Today, the bank serves 16.8 million individual customers accounts, 220,000 corporate clients, 319,000 entrepreneurs. Online banking services in Ukraine works Privat 3394 branches, 7650 ATMs, self-service terminal 4320 and 54 486 Pos-terminals. As of April 1, 2012, the bank's assets constitute 133.8 billion UAH, loan portfolio of corporate clients UAH 99.8 billion, the capital of 17 billion USD, net profit since the beginning of 2012 - 272 million UAH. The volume of attracted deposits PrivatBank citizens to April 1, 2012 reached 61.5 billion USD, a portfolio of consumer loans the bank makes 24 billion UAH. International banking group "Privat" serves over 22 million corporate and retail customers in 12 countries, among them - Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, China, Britain, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan. Privat recognized as "Bank of the Year 2011" in Ukraine (The Banker Awards). In the 1000 ranking of the leading banks in the world is 369 Privat line, strengthened its position with 416 seats in 2010.

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