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Privat started to issue loans to businesses for a fundamentally new scheme

Privat introduced in Ukraine a new program to support entrepreneurship. Now the small and medium enterprises and private entrepreneurs will be able to get bank loans without collateral and unnecessary bureaucracy.

The new service Privat "Credit for Business" will provide funds for the development of business quickly and inexpensively. As reported in the bank, the loan application procedure takes no more than an hour, and for the filing of the application is sufficient identity of the borrower and the founding documents of the enterprise. Loan terms are clear and available to most businesses - regardless of the amount and term lending rate on the loan is 3% per month, without additional fees and charges.

- "Credit for business" - is a delicious product! Finally, entrepreneurs have a very simple and fast way to get to 200 thousand hryvnia to the development of their business! - Says the head of "Maintenance of small and medium-sized businesses," Privat Inna Zhuravleva. - In this product, we have invested all of its 20 years of experience lending to businesses and individual clients.

Credit for business without having to provide collateral, can get it as individuals - entrepreneurs and founders of companies and enterprises. Maximum loan amount - 200 thousand hryvnia. Loan terms are the same for everyone: you can get a loan for 6 months with 20% repayment of the loan amount in a month or a year - with a mandatory 10% of the monthly repayment of the loan amount. When cashing loan funds at ATMs or offices of the bank commission is 3%.

Privat - the largest Ukrainian bank and market leader in banking. The bank maintains the largest in the country, the number of corporate clients - 224,000 and over 330,000 private entrepreneurs. As of May 1, 2012, the loan portfolio Privat entities reached 101 billion USD.

International banking group "Privat" serves over 22 million corporate and retail customers in 12 countries, among them - Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, China, Britain, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan. Privat recognized as "Bank of the Year 2011" in Ukraine (The Banker Awards). In the 1000 ranking of the leading banks worldwide in 2011 Privat is 369 line, strengthened its position with 416 seats in 2010.

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