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Privat will prevent the creation of a new pyramid MMM-2012

Privat will continue to monitor suspicious financial transactions functionaries MMM financial pyramid, 2011, to prevent the involvement of citizens of Ukraine in the creation of a new structure called the fraudulent MMM-2012. According to the press service of the bank with reference to the Head of Department for Financial Monitoring Privat Igor Terekhina.

"Today, the collapse of the MMM-2011 for most people is more than obvious, and the organizers of the pyramid trying to attract new investors to hold out for another couple of months - it's open deceit of people, among them most - senior citizens and people with low income, - said Igor Terekhin . - In Ukraine, there are clear legal requirements that oblige banks to prevent illegal and fraudulent financial transactions, and we will block the operation of functionaries of the pyramid and encourage it to do all of our fellow bankers. "

In Privatbank note that all the "investors" MMM, whose money was locked in the bank accounts of the functionaries of the pyramid will be able to get them back by presenting the documents to the bank to transfer funds in cash and bank cards. Privat started to block questionable financial transactions functionaries of the MMM-2011 with the first day of its operation in Ukraine. Currently, the bank turned over two thousand people. confirming the transfer of funds to the MMM and the statements on the return of funds.

Recall that on May 31 MMM financial pyramid founder of the MMM-2011 and Sergei Mavrodi has announced the creation of a new financial bubble, which will be called MMM-2012. According to functionaries of the system, the new pyramid is needed in order to help the old, MMM-2011.

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