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Privat24 for Android

Payment application "Privat24" for smartphones, which allows you to manage your accounts via the mobile device to date have established for more than 100,000 owners of Android devices, and almost 90 000 users of the products Apple.

"We see that very soon smartphones will become one of the main channels of banking services" - said the deputy chairman of PrivatBank Alexander Knight.

Today with the help of "Privat24" for Android smartphone owners and tablets may live to see the statements of their accounts, pay for mobile services, utilities and other payments, as well as book and pay for bus, rail and air tickets to all destinations in Ukraine as well and abroad.

The payment application is available for free download in the AppStore and Android Market.

Privat24 - the most popular online bank in Ukraine and one of the largest in Eastern Europe, is now available to individuals and corporate clients in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Georgia and a number of EU countries. Designed to manage real bank accounts via the Internet in real time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The total number of customers Privat24 of 3.5 million daily in the system by more than 175,000 transactions.

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