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Privatbank has created a special application for Android owners MTS, Kyivstar and Life

In the Android Market there are special applications for the owners of MTS, Kyivstar and Life :). With the new payment applications PAY MTS, PAY Kyivstar and PAY Life :) cardholders of any Ukrainian bank will now be able to replenish their accounts directly to mobile phones, instantly and without commissions. In this case, transfer money from a bank card can be on any mobile phone and mobile control spending their loved ones.

"Before starting the service we had a test on the recharge rates - with zero balance on the phone was already due in 3.5 seconds after completion," - said the deputy chairman of PrivatBank Alexander Knight.

Recharge your mobile phone number and your loved ones can be $ 5 to 3,000 hryvnia no commission. All that is needed - free to download and install on your phone corresponding to your mobile operator application, as well as open your card Visa / MasterCard for online payments. The high level of security service provided by OTP-technology passwords, as well as around the clock monitoring of customer payments, which is carried out online.

Privat - the largest operator in the Ukrainian market of instant payment of mobile communication services. Privat replenished daily through more than 400,000 phones Ukrainian mobile operators. The most popular method of payment is through self-service terminals - as a daily supplement their phones 198,000 customers. Approximately 80,000 customers are due for payment online bank "Privat24" Privat replenish ATMs 60,000 mobile subscribers, SMS-banking Privat used daily by more than 30,000 customers. Still about 15 000 operations carried out through cash offices, and 10,000 customers fill up a phone bank terminals in shops.

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