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Privatbank implemented customer service at ATMs without card

Privat Clients have an opportunity to use their bank ATM machines, even without the presence of a plastic card. Now, to see the balance on their cards, and bills or withdraw cash from any of the card, the customer is enough to have a mobile phone, which will be sent a one-time login password.

Bankers point out that customers still need to enter a PIN code card to see its balance sheet or to carry out an operation. Thus, the operation without a stick with a bundle with a mobile phone is even more secure than transactions with the card.

As recalled by press service of the Privat, six months ago launched a service "Estrennye money," which made it possible to withdraw money from an ATM card with a specific client by a special code, just call the short number 3700. Now the "no plastic" Privat customers can withdraw cash from any of his cards. Fee for service at an ATM without a card is missing.

"Privat once again became the first bank in the world to launch the service - said the deputy chairman of PrivatBank Alexander Knight. - Ability to withdraw cash without a map in some countries, banks are already offering. But the possibility to withdraw money from any of his cards without plastic no one else. In this regard, our ATMs are similar to Privat24 - the principle of entry is also a one-time password, but in addition you need to enter another PIN. In the future we plan to add other functions of ATM, which will be available to customers without a map. "

Privat - the largest Ukrainian bank and a leader of the retail banking market. The network now runs the bank's 3394 branches and offices, 7820 ATMs, self-service terminal 4402 and 54 486 Pos-terminals. As of May 1, 2012, the bank's assets constitute 134.9 billion UAH, capital - UAH 17.2 billion, net profit - 419.6 million UAH. The volume of attracted deposits PrivatBank citizens reached 60 billion USD. The bank's consumer loan portfolio is 24 billion USD. International banking group "Privat" serves over 22 million corporate and retail customers in 12 countries, among them - Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, China, Britain, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan.

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