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Privatbank implemented environmental project recycling of lead seals

Privat has introduced a new technology of collection of funds and work with cash, which involves a mandatory recycling of used lead seals. As reported in the bank, a new environmental project will help prevent exposure to lead in the environment - are now all used seals will not be released, and centrally collected and sent for recycling.

"We are a green bank, not only because of the color of our logo. Everyone knows that we are systematically fighting with a paper document, regularly spend Saturdays - said Chairman Alexander Dubilet Privat. - Disposal of lead - yet another, albeit not as ambitious, but still an important measure to protect the environment. "

Today in Ukraine, transportation and collection of cash by the use of lead seals. As a result of environmental monitoring work carried out by specialists Privat, it was found that the most frequently used lead seals caught in the waste management system, which may lead to further risk of contamination of soil and groundwater.

Lead, along with other heavy metals - one of the main pollutants of nature, causing irreparable harm to health. Scientists estimate that emissions of lead and its compounds in the oceans of 430-650 thousand tons per year.

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