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PrivatBank launched in Ukraine service "payment units"

Privat introduced in Ukraine service "payment units", through which you can buy goods on credit without issuing bank loan.

As reported in Privatbank, the new service "payment units" is fundamentally different from consumer credit. This installment is not made out of the bank employees in the store, and automatically at the cash registers. The most important thing - provided timely payment of all fees, credit to the customer will be free.

Use the new service can be Privat at any retail outlet, which has concluded an agreement with the bank and the host to pay his credit cards. Today, the "Payment installments" is now available in major Ukrainian networks to sell products, mobile phones, clothes, shoes and other goods.

"This is a versatile technology that can be implemented at any point of sale for any goods, it is sufficient only to establish a terminal Privat and activate the service - said the head of the business' service trade enterprises" Privat Roman Neginsky. - As shown by the first experience of the introduction of "payment of a part," Automatic registration of installment buyers can reduce the time to clearance of payment by installments up to a minute, and the outlets almost doubled its turnover increase. "

In terms of paying for goods parts installment buyer can choose your own directly to the checkout. Any purchase can be divided into 12 equal parts, and contract for service to receive and sign immediately - it is printed in the terminal of the bank. The main condition of "payment of a part" is to make the first payment "credit card" Privat.

Privat is the largest Ukrainian bank. The national network of banking Privat includes 3'394 offices throughout Ukraine. Privat is the largest issuer and acquirer of payment cards in Ukraine. On April 1, 2012 the Bank issued more than 28.6 million cards, the service network of ATMs and operates 7'586 54.5 thousands of POS-terminals.

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