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Remittances PrivatMoney in Ukraine is now possible to send a Russian terminal Qiwi

Instant money transfers PrivatMoney can now be sent from Russia to Ukraine over 120,000 terminals QIWI, which is in almost every region of the Russian Federation. As reported in Privatbank, in a joint project with QIWI, the bank also implemented the ability to send dostpunyh and fast transfers and other CIS countries - Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

«PrivatMoney - a very popular way to transfer money from Russia to Ukraine - said the head of Business Services Workers and personal loans Privat Dmitry Barbaiani. - Through this partnership even more senders in Russia will be easy and cheap way to send money to relatives in the Ukraine through 120,000 Qiwi terminals across the country. "

Sending translation PrivatMoneycherez Qiwi done in a few clicks - you need to select the country receiving the money transfer, give the name of the sender and the recipient and make the translation. If you also specify the recipient's mobile phone, then this number will go duplicating a text message with a control number. Get the translation can be in any city in the country selected, and in Ukraine - not only in bank branches, and in any ATM Privat, via the Internet and even on the telephone service center bank.

"Cooperation with PrivatMoney allows us to offer users a simple way to quickly transfer funds through QIWI purse at any time via the Internet site QIWI purse, or in any of the 120,000 QIWI Terminal. We welcome the expansion of the boundaries of obtaining money transfers, as it opens up new possibilities for our customers "- commented Senior Vice President, Bank of kiwi Olga Cam.

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