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Remittances PrivatMoney now be obtained by calling

Privat has introduced a new service - receiving money transfers PrivatMoney on the phone. Now, any translation that was sent from Ukraine, as well as any other country in the world, you can instantly get a plastic card. The new service the bank is working round the clock seven days a week, when receiving the transfer by calling the bank does not charge any additional commission.

"A new way to get urgent transfers is much more convenient traditional - in cash at branches, - the head of Business Services Workers and personal loans Dmitry Barbaiani. - Get the translation can be anywhere in Ukraine, saying his bank details to the operator on the phone and use the money in cash and to pay for goods and services. "

To use the service receive an instant money transfer PrivatMoney, enough to have a plastic bank card and call toll-free customer support number 0800500003. For the money the bank should be reported to the operator to the data sender and the tracking number and your credit card number, which will be listed funds.

In the past 7 years Privat is the largest operator in the Ukraine market of money transfers. Today in Privatbank can send and receive transfers of leading international and national - as in bank branches, ATMs and POS terminals Privat and Internet bank Privat24 and by phone.

Privat - the largest Ukrainian bank and a leader of the retail banking market. The network now runs the bank's 3394 branches and offices, 7753 ATMs, self-service terminal 4343 and 54 486 Pos-terminals. As of May 1, 2012, the bank's assets constitute 134.9 billion UAH, capital - UAH 17.2 billion, net profit - 419.6 million UAH.

The volume of attracted deposits PrivatBank citizens reached 60 billion USD. The bank's consumer loan portfolio is 24 billion USD. International banking group "Privat" serves over 22 million corporate and retail customers in 12 countries, among them - Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, China, Britain, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Kazakhstan.

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