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Full name of the Public Company "Avant-Bank"

License number 329

The head of the executive body Kachurovskii Vadim Pavlovich
(Reported on 13.01.2012)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 03110, Kyiv, str. Klimenko, 23

Telephone: (38044) 393-93-10

Website address www.avantbank.com.ua

Founded in March 2009 in Kiev. Until recently, 100% of shares owned by LLC "Lawrence Group", but in August 2011 the bank completely changed the top management and significantly increased the capital - dubbed by the end of 2011 was listed financial institution plans a capital increase of up to 320 million hryvnia. Currently, the bank is a project of former top managers of "Converse", but has no relation to "Converse Group", is now experiencing financial difficulties.

PJSC "Avant-Bank" has no branch network. The Bank is owned by Group 4 on total assets (from the 4th to the NBU classification) on this index takes 168th place in the country (107th place in the group.)

According to the NBU, the total assets of 01.07.2011 PJSC "Avant-Bank" is 134 million hryvnia (474 ​​million). The credit portfolio is almost entirely made up of loans to individuals, generates 97% of total assets. Reservation - about 3% in the II quarter. In 2011 to 2% in 2009. On investments in the interbank market and liquid assets have more to 17 and 25%, respectively. With funding from banks and other legal entities account for 26 and 13% of liabilities, respectively. The rest - the total capital of 60%. In 2010, the profit amounted to 750 thousand hryvnia against 230 thousand hryvnia in 2009. In II quarter. 2011 profit totaled 539 thousand hryvnia, on this index it occupies 86th place in Ukraine.

Supervisory Board: Andrei Zhukov (Chairman).

Board Vadim Kachurovskii (chairman), Alexander Tikhomirov, Natalya Vichev, Julia Chernobrov.

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