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Accepting bank

Full name of the Public Company "Acceptance Bank"

License number 336 (Reg. No.)

The head of the executive body Sokur Alexander Petrovich (Sokur Oleksandr P., Sokur Alexander Petrovich)
(Reported on 21.06.2011)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, Kiev, Vozdukhoflotsky pr-t, 14/17

About the Bank
Credit institution registered 19 January 2011, and has only bank registration number, in a published report by the National Bank of Ukraine on the banking system for the I quarter has not been reflected in the absence of activity. In May 2011, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has agreed to purchase PJSC "Acceptance Bank" Swedish group SEB *. This purchase will be the third acquisition of the banking market in Ukraine after the bank "Agio" (renamed SEB Bank in late 2004) and Factorial Bank (attached to SEB Bank for development of the branch network in March 2009.)

Name of PAO "Acceptance Bank" is consonant with PJSC "Accent-Bank" (founded in late October 1992 in Kiev, before - CJSC "Ukrainian Credit Bank"), in addition, AB "Aktseptbank" was registered in April 1992 in Donetsk worked in the banking market of Ukraine until August 1995 (later renamed in PJSC "Dongorbank").

The data on the owners were not disclosed.

Alexander Sokurov (chairman).

* SEB Group - a European banking group, provides services to corporate and retail financing and private banking. SEB is represented in Sweden, Germany and the Baltic States. According TheBanker 2010, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Group (Sweden) takes 72 th place in the capital and 59th in terms of assets, 14.3 and 324.3 billion dollars respectively. He assigned the following ratings: Moody's: A1, S & P: A, Fitch: A + (06.2011).

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