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Bank Arcade

Full name of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Joint Stock Commercial Bank" Arcade "

License number 80

The head of the executive body Palyvoda Konstantin V.
(Information as of 30.09.2011)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 01001, Kyiv. Olginskaya, 3

Telephone: (38044) 254-22-22

Website address www.arkada.kiev.ua

Since its inception in June 1993, a small bank of Kiev is engaged in providing services to the housing industry. The main partner of the bank is the largest developer in the Ukraine - the holding company "Kyivmiskbud." Originally, construction projects have been concentrated in the capital, but later moved to other cities in Ukraine. In 2004, the company was founded Macedonia "Arcade Macedonia", which aimed to raise funds in the construction of the local population. However, in 2006 it was decided to sell foreign assets.

In June 2009, 80% of the shares were sold Kyivmiskbud structures close to the son in law of Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky. However, the deal was later declared null and void by the court and the company remained in the municipality.

Public Joint Stock Company "Joint Stock Commercial Bank" Arcade "presented sales network consisting of 12 offices in Ukraine (08.2011). The Bank is owned by Group 4 on total assets (of 4 according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), this indicator is 81 th in the country (20 th place in the group).

According to the NBU, the total assets of 01.04.2011 "Arcadia" of 1.5 billion hryvnia (5.24 billion). The credit portfolio is almost entirely made up of loans to legal entities, forms 82% of total assets. Reservation - about 7% compared to 4% in 2009. The rest of the amount generated by investing in liquid assets, 7%.

The main part of the liabilities, of the order of 60%, in equal parts formed at the expense of individuals and legal entities. Another 19% is due to other banks. Aggregate capital is 21% of liabilities.

In 2010, the bank's profit was 5.3 million hryvnia (18.6 million) against earnings of 7.7 million hryvnia (~ 27 million) for 2009. In I quarter 2011, the bank showed a profit 3.1 million hryvnia (11 million) and by this indicator ranked 34th among the Ukrainian banks.

Shareholders: "Company of Construction" - 49.4%, "Firm Developer" - 13.7%.

Board: Konstantin Palyvoda (chairman).

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