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Asvio Bank

Full name of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Bank Asvio"

License number 133

The head of the executive body of Lyudmila Voinov
(Reported on 10.01.2012)

City Chernigov

The head office of Ukraine, 14000, Chernigov, ul. Transfiguration, 2

Phone: (380 462) 67-55-01

Website address www.asviobank.com.ua

PJSC "Asvio Bank" The bank was founded in October 1991 in Chernigov and originally was called "Chernigovbank." Later, in April 1999, the name was changed to "Privatinvest", and until August 2006 belonged to the structure of "Privat", and was then bought by the Czech PPF Group. It should be noted that during this period PPF actively invested in the Ukrainian assets, including its acquisitions - "Private Credit" (trade mark "Just Credit") and Agrobank (Dnepropetrovsk), later renamed the "Home Credit Bank". Two years later the Czech group decided to concentrate on the development of retail business, coming out of the shareholders' Privatinvest ", and by the end of 2010 at all left the Ukrainian market, selling 100% of the retail" Home Credit Bank "structures" Platinum Bank. "

By April 2010, the bank acquired its current name - PJSC "Asvio Bank", at that time belonged to Denis Komarnicki (18.8%), Galina Berezhnaya (9.9%) and Tatiana Terentyeva (9.9%), and later in the shareholders with a share of 18.9% came in the former interim administrator of the bank "Vladimir" Anatoly Drobiazko. Currently, he is the largest shareholder (23.7% stake), and since 2011 has served as acting Chairman of the Board of another credit institution - PJSC "Bank Tavrika."

PJSC "Asvio Bank", in addition to the head office, represented one office in Kiev. It belongs to the group of four to total assets (from the 4th to the NBU classification), for this indicator is 130th in the country (69th place in the group.)

According to the NBU, as of 01.07.2011 the total assets of PJSC "Asvio Bank" total 447 million hryvnia (1.68 billion). The loan portfolio, consisting of 81% of loans to legal entities, forms 83% of total assets. Reservation - about 3% in the II quarter. 2011 compared to 0.6% in 2009. The remainder is for investments in interbank and liquid assets - 14 and 3% sootvetstvenno.Na means individuals and businesses accounted for 26 and 48% of liabilities, respectively. Total capital - 26%. In 2010, the bank's profit was 2.4 million hryvnia (8.3 million) against earnings for 2009 of $ 2.3 million hryvnia (8 million). In II quarter. 2011 profit totaled 410 thousand hryvnia (1.4 million), according to this indicator, it is among the 95 banks in Ukraine.

Board: Lyudmila Voinov (chairman), Igor Mushketik Svetlana Atamas.

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