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Bank 3/4

Full name of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Bank 3/4"

License number 248

The head of the executive body Ishchenko Vadim A.
(Reported on 10.01.2012)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 04080, Kyiv, str. Frunze, 25

Telephone: (38044) 364-98-00

Website address www.bank34.kiev.ua

Young bank founded in 2008 in Kiev, former deputy chairman of the USB's Nikolay Lagun *. With its other banking asset ("Delta Bank", was founded in February 2006 in Kiev), the owner decided to focus on its development, and in September 2010, sold 100% of shares of "Bank of 3/4" of its top manager Vadim Ishchenko. At the time of the sale lender had little assets, and the main activity started in I quarter of 2011 was significantly increased capital, increased balance sheet.

PJSC "Bank of 3/4" has an additional office in Lviv. The Bank is owned by Group 4 on total assets (4-classification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), this indicator is 62 th in the country (1st place in the group.)

According to the NBU, 01.04.2011 Total assets were 4.4 billion hryvnia (15.3 billion rubles). The volume of the total loan portfolio is 4%. The main share of the assets placed MBC form and conversion, 54 and 34%.

As well as interbank liabilities and conversion, 61 and 28%. Total capital - 10%. Bank significantly increased its operations in the I quarter of 2011 compared to 2009 due to the small period in the market.

In 2010, the profit amounted to 221 thousand hryvnia, but I quarter 2011 profit rose to 226 million hryvnia (790 million rubles), which allowed the bank to take on this indicator third largest bank in Ukraine after Privat "and" OTP Bank ". Such an amount of profit was derived from the revaluation of securities.

Vadim Ishchenko - 100%.

Supervisory board
Constantine Sytnyuk (Chairman), Mr Litvinyuk.

Vadim Ishchenko (chairman), Igor Zaruda Svetlana Korotaeva, Rostislav Shapoval, Jeanne Klyuzko Svetlana Barabash.

* Nikolay Lagun - Ukrainian businessman, former deputy chairman of the USB's. In addition to the "Delta Bank" he owns the following assets: a collection agency Credit Collection Group (CCG), SC "Brahma Life", OPF "Delta" AMC "Delta Capital." In 2007, he founded the development company "Europe", in the same year acquired 100% stake in the Belarusian Atom Bank (later renamed "Delta Bank"), which is modeled on the Ukrainian bank active in consumer lending.

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