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Bank Basis

Full name of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Joint Stock Commercial Bank" Basis "

License number 34

The head of the executive body Ryabokon Stanislav
(Reported on 10.01.2012)

The city of Kharkov

The head office of Ukraine, 61057, Kharkov, trans. Maryanenko, 4

Telephone: (38057) 700-46-73

Website address www.basis.com.ua

Founded in November 1991 in Kharkov five individuals, and since the foundation is a financial-industrial group "Investor". It was founded by the deputy Arsen Avakov *, it also owns a controlling interest.

Public Joint Stock Company "Joint Stock Commercial Bank" Basis "is represented sales network consisting of 10 branches in four regions of Ukraine (08.2011). The Bank is owned by Group 4 on total assets (of 4 according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), this indicator is 87 th in the country (26 th place in the group.)

According to the NBU, the total assets of 01.04.2011 "basis" were 1.3 billion hryvnia (4.5 billion rubles). The loan portfolio, consisting of 81% of loans to legal entities, forms about 76% of total assets. Reservation - about 5% against the same period in 2009. The rest of the amount generated by investing in liquid assets - 9%, respectively.

The largest share in the liabilities borrow individuals, accounting for about 40%. The rest of the funds generated by the entities and to other banks - 26 and 6% of liabilities, respectively. Total capital - 12%.

In 2010, the bank's profit was 0.2 million hryvnia (0.7 million) against earnings for 2009 of $ 0.4 million hryvnia (1.4 million). In I quarter 2011, the bank showed a loss of 5.7 million hryvnia (20 million), thus taking the 25th place in the top of unprofitable banks in Ukraine. It is worth noting that in the II quarter of 2011, the bank's losses increased.

Supervisory Board: Igor Kotvitskaya (chairman), Gennady Gaevoi, Mykola Lysenko, Igor Morkotonov, Andrew Pereedenko.

Board: Stanislav Ryabokon (chairman), Inna Avakov, Vladimir Truhan, Taras Krol, Alexei Shcherbakov, Svetlana Sirenko, Irina Senichkina, Igor Didenko, Yuri Senchenko.

* Arsen Avakov - Ukrainian MP, member of the opposition, the chairman of the party "Fatherland", the former governor of the Kharkiv region. In 1990 he founded and headed the JSC "Investor", in 1992 - the bank "Basis". Estimated media for 2008 personal fortune was estimated at $ 385 million

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