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Bank Veles

Full name of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Bank Veles"

License number 117

The head of the executive body Rabchuk Sergey V.
(Reported on 11.01.2012)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 03061, Kiev, st. Heroes of Sevastopol, 48
Phone: (38044) 206-75-10 (38044) 206-75-17

Website address www.bankveles.com

Founded in March 1994, and during his work changed the number of items. Originally called the Bank "Korn", in April 1997, was reorganized in AB "fatherland" (in Ukrainian - "Vitchizna"), and then, in August 1999, has acquired the current name - "Bank Veles". According to some reports, in the early 2000s, the credit institution owned structures Zherditsky Victor, at that time owned the Gradobank *. After bankruptcy Gradobank, shareholder of the business was moved to the "Veles", however, the bank was later sold (presumably in 2003) unknown shareholders.

Until now, the ownership structure of the credit institution is not transparent, according to the NBU, none of the shareholders has a significant (> 10%) of the shares in the capital. It should be noted that the media is often referred to the raids conducted by the bank, and on different types of restraints used by the NBU. In August 2011 it announced plans to increase capital by 25 million hryvnia.

PJSC "Bank Veles" has no branch network. It belongs to the group of four to total assets (from the 4th to the NBU classification), for this indicator is 166th in the country (105th in the group).

According to the NBU, as of 01.07.2011 the total assets of PJSC "Bank Veles" total 144.5 million hryvnia (508.6 million rubles). Loan portfolio that consists entirely of loans to legal entities, forms 78% of total assets, is characterized by relatively high levels of redundancy - about 21% in the II quarter. 2011 against 13.3% in 2009. The remainder is to invest in liquid assets and securities - 17 and 5%, respectively. Another part of the liabilities - the total capital, which accounts for about 66%. Rest of the volume is formed at the expense of individuals and legal entities - 7 and 17% respectively. In 2009, the profit amounted to 194 thousand hryvnia. Throughout 2010 - 2011, the Bank shows a minimal profit. According to this indicator, it is 131 among the Ukrainian banks.

Supervisory Board: Alexander Singayevsky (chairman), Andrey Pavlov, Natalia Radchenko.

Board: Sergey Rabchuk (chairman), Sergei Dryga, Valentine Jankowska, Nicholas Lutsenko.

* Gradobank founded in October 1991 the "Kievkoopbanka" him then head Viktor Zherditsky. In the mid-90's lender is among the ten largest in Ukraine, was one of the first international audit used the EBRD credit line. By 1995, the bank was an agent of the Ukrainian-German Foundation "Understanding and salvation," the transactions for payment of compensation Ostarbeiters. In addition to banking, the sphere of interest Zherditsky included privatization of Ukrainian assets, in particular, shares of cement plants, and art - his collection by 1996 there were more than 900 units and is considered the largest private collections in Ukraine. Bank first began to experience difficulties in 1996, when a number of controversial decisions of the court was required to pay various fines and loan offered substantial funds. Zherditsky against a criminal case, which is stalled due to his election as MP, but took a new turn in 2000, after his arrest in Germany. Bank license was revoked, cement assets sold pursuant to Ruling, most works of art given to the National Art Museum of Ukraine, some paintings are lost

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