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Full name of the Public Company "Brokbusinessbank"

License number 138

The head of the executive body Mishta Sergey Petrovich (Mіshta Sergiy Petrovich, Mishta Sergey) (for information on 11.01.2012)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 03057, Kiev, Prospect Pobedy, 41

Phone: (380 800) 50-21-00

Website address www.bankbb.com.ua

More information Bank name in Ukrainian: Brokbіznesbank (Publіchne aktsіonerne tovaristvo "Brokbіznesbank").
Bank name in English: Brokbusinessbank (Joint-Stock Bank Brokbusinessbank).

Is based on the CB "Arendkoopbanka", registered in August 1990. Since registration in October 1991 under the name "Brokbusinessbank" credit institution headed by Sergey Buryak * - the eldest son of the first deputy chairman of the Savings Bank of Ukraine Vasyl Buriak. Earlier, at the age of 25, Sergey Buryak served as chairman of the board Arendkoopbanka.

Dynamic development of the credit institution largely contributed substantial infusion of funds Oschadbanka early. In addition, the bank has repeatedly reached an agreement with the government to service flows of public funds. In 2009, it became the agent of the Deposit Guarantee Fund of individuals (a member since 2001) for the payment of the sums of compensation to depositors of liquidated banks. Is a universal credit institution, with some bias toward the lending business.

Brokbusinessbank has a well-developed sales network consisting of 28 branches and 324 branches throughout Ukraine (01.2010). The bank belongs to group 1 by size of total assets (4-classification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), for this indicator is the 14th place.

According to the NBU, as at 01.01.2011 total assets Brockbusinessbank 15.8 billion hryvnia (59.4 billion rubles). The loan portfolio, consisting of 77% of loans to legal entities, forms 79% of total assets, the relatively low level of redundancy - about 7% to 6% in 2009. On investments in liquid assets account for 11% of total assets.

The volume of deposits - 6 billion hryvnia (22.5 billion) in 2010 increased by 36% and generates around 40% of liabilities. And 20% are due to other banks and companies. Total capital - 15% of liabilities.

Bank ended 2010 with a profit of 52 million hryvnia (198 million). In 2009, the profit was 17.8 million hryvnia (67 million rubles). According to this indicator, the bank ranks 11th in the country.

Sergey Buryak - 48.3%, beet Alexander - 46.9%.

Mishta Sergey (chairman), Skidan Vladimir Danilov Vladlen, Alexander Safronov, Natalia Sinyavskaya, Yurchuk Vladimir Nechiporenko Tatiana.

* Sergei Burlk - MP II-VI convocation, the businessman. He was one of the sponsors of BYT, in 2007, he was appointed Chairman of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine, from which was released in March 2010.

Sergey Buryak and his brother Alexander hold assets in different areas of the business, in addition to the bank. This company SC "Brokbiznes" (insurance), LLC "Capital Invest Ltd" (investment), JSC "Agrohimtsentr", ZAO "TD" Ukrainian rice "(agribusiness), LLC" Kyiv real estate. "

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