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BTA Bank

Full name of the Public Company "BTA Bank"

License number 25

The head of the executive body of Natalia Sergeeva (Sergeєva Natalіya Volodimirіvna, Sergeeva Natal `ya) (for information on 11.01.2012)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 01032, Kyiv, str. Zhilyanskaya, 75

Telephone: (38044) 495-65-55

Website address www.bta.kiev.ua

More information on the Second Bank of the site address: www.btabank.ua

The Bank was founded in December 1992 and the end of 2000, was called "Geosantris", after which it was renamed to JSC "Ukrainian Credit and Commercial Bank" (UKTB). In 2006, the Kazakh BTA Bank acquires 9.95% stake UKTB and signed with the bank a strategic cooperation agreement on which UKTB had the opportunity to work under the brand of "BTA Bank" *. Later, in December 2008, the Kazakh bank has increased its stake in the Ukrainian assets to 49.99%.

In the crisis of BTA Bank (Kazakhstan), the efforts of his top management was put a significant amount of funds, and the bank later nationalized. To avoid a large outflow of deposits against the problems of the parent company subsidiaries once backbone bank of Kazakhstan started a process of rebranding. As a result, Russia's surplus changed its name to "BTA Bank", the control of BTA Bank (Kazakhstan) in it was lost. Ukrainian BTA Bank intends to change its name to "ATM Bank", but this has not happened so far. Attempt to institutions from the control of the largest shareholder was unsuccessful, but the conflict Kazakh shareholders and management, apparently, is still not resolved.

PJSC "BTA Bank" represented sales network consisting of 23 offices in 11 regions of Ukraine. The bank belongs to group 2, the size of total assets (4-classification NBU) for this indicator is 39 th in the country (22 th place in the group.)

According to the NBU, the total assets as at 01.01.2011 PJSC "BTA Bank" of 3.8 billion hryvnia (14.4 billion rubles). The loan portfolio, consisting of 76% of loans to legal entities, forms 57% of total assets. Reservation - about 11.4% compared to 16% in 2009. Bank recovered 18 million hryvnia (69 million) of reserves, based on increasing the portfolio over the year by 32%, the newly issued loans are high. Rest of the volume form investments in liquid assets.

Raising funds to other banks (in foreign currency) - 24% of individuals' funds - 18% of liabilities. The main part of a liability - the total capital, which forms 40% of liabilities.

In 2010, the bank's profit was 5.8 million hryvnia (22 billion) against earnings for 2009 of $ 3 million hryvnia (12 billion rubles). According to this indicator, the bank ranks 34th among the Ukrainian banks.

Natalia Sergeeva (chairman), Katen Arman, Wojtowicz Natalia, Sergei Lebedev, Vladimir Sundakov, centurion Alexander.
* "BTA Bank" (Kazakhstan) - Kazakhstan's core bank, founded in 1991, based on the Soviet Union and Industrial Bank called "Turan". In 1997, there was an association with another Kazakh bank - "Alem". The merged bank was named "Bank TuranAlem", and in 2008, having re-branding process, turned into a "BTA Bank". In 2009, the lender was nationalized State Fund "Samruk-Kazyna", which bought 78.14% stake in the bank, pouring into his capital 251.3 billion tenge ($ 2.09 billion). Bank has the following credit ratings: Moody's: Caa3, S & P: B-, Fitch: B-(03.2011).

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