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Bank Globe

Full name of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Commercial Bank" Globe "

License number 240

The head of the executive body Kurylenko Sergey
(Reported on 11.01.2012)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 04073, Kyiv, Kurenivsky per., 19/5

Telephone: (38044) 585-71-00

Website address www.globusbank.com.ua

Relatively young bank: founded in November 2007 in Kiev. At present at the stage of development and is actively expanding its customer base. Data on end beneficiaries are not disclosed. According to some, one of the founders of the credit institution was its former chairman and now - Director of Finance Department and a member of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) - Valery Prokhorenko (via LLC "UMT" controlled about 33%). Part of the team of the new credit institution has moved from the bank "Financial Initiative" where Prokhorenko occupied one of the leadership positions.

Public Joint Stock Company "Commercial Bank" Globe "has a sales network consisting of 15 offices and branches in Ukraine. The Bank is owned by Group 4 on total assets (from the 4th to the NBU classification), this indicator is 77 th in the country (16 th place in the group.)

According to the NBU, the total assets of 01.04.2011 "Globe" were 1.67 billion hryvnia (5.8 billion rubles). It should be noted that the increase in assets for the I quarter of 2011 was 50%. The credit portfolio is almost entirely made up of loans to legal entities, forms about 23% of total assets. Reservation - about 17% compared to 9% in 2009.

Bank liabilities consist primarily of borrowed funds to other banks, which account for 69%. Another 14% - means individuals. Total capital - 11% of liabilities.

In 2010, the bank's profit was 8.2 million hryvnia (28.7 million) against earnings for 2009 of $ 11.2 million hryvnia (39 million rubles). In I quarter 2011 profit was 2.8 million hryvnia (9.8 million), putting the bank took 36 th place in the Ukraine.

"Ukrainian Media Technology" - 100%.

Sergei Kurylenko (Chairman), Victor Didenko, Sergei Kotsupatry, Ludmila Korzh, Vladimir Pashkin, Nicholas Schaeffer.

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