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Bank Grant

Full name of the Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian East Bank" Grant "

License number 6

The head of the executive body of Vladimir Martirosov
(Reported on 11.01.2012)

The city of Kharkov

The head office of Ukraine, 61001, Kharkov, ul. Danilevsky, 19 Phone: (38057) 714-01-99 (38057) 700-50-49

Website address www.grant.kharkov.ua

Founded in July, 1991 in Kharkov, and controlled by the family of Sakis Simovyana. Currently, the Bank provides a wide range of services to individuals and legal entities. In September 2011, the credit facility to increase the authorized capital by 20 million.

Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian East Bank" Grant "provided sales network consisting of 23 offices in 7 cities in Ukraine. The Bank is owned by Group 4 on total assets (of 4 according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), putting the 117th place in the country (56th place in the group.)

According to the NBU, as of 01.07.2011 the total assets of "grants" are 591 million hryvnia (2 billion). The loan portfolio, consisting of 77% of loans to legal entities, forms 75% of total assets, a low level of redundancy, the order of 2% in 2010 compared to 3% in 2009. On investments in liquid assets account for 14%.

Main article liabilities - deposits from individuals, accounting for 42%. Another 31% - of legal entities. Liquid assets and subordinated debt - at 2 and 4%, respectively. Total capital - 19%.

In 2010, the profit amounted to 1 million hryvnia against earnings for 2009 of $ 0.8 million hryvnia. In II quarter 2011 profit was 5.5 million hryvnia (19.2 million), putting it took 35th place in Ukraine.

Sarkis Simovyan - 31.5%.

Supervisory board
Sarkis Simovyan (chairman, the bank's president), Vahan Simovyan Levon Avetisyan, Alexander Popov.

Vladimir Martirosov (Chairman), Mr Frost, Lubomir Bezruk Alexander Dabaghyan, Igor Kravchenko, Karen Arzumanyan, Vladimir Serbia, Tatiana Valyarenko, Valery Pakhomov, Andrey Ilyin.

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