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Delta Bank

Full name of the Public Joint Stock Company "Delta Bank"

License number 225

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 01133, Kyiv, str. Shchorsa St., 36b Phone: 0 (800) 50-06-00

Website address www.deltabank.com.ua

More information Bank name in Ukrainian: Delta Bank (Publіchne aktsіonerne tovaristvo "Delta Bank").
Bank name in English: Delta Bank (JSC «Delta Bank»).

About the Bank
Founded in February 2006 in Kiev by the former deputy chairman of the USB's Nikolay Lagun *. One of the few specialized banks in Ukraine, which is the basic profile of consumer loans - according to experts, the bank takes 20-25% of the market. Due to the high profitability of consumer loans and short (preferably one year) a credit period, the bank worked effectively in a crisis, consistently showing a profit.

In July 2010, the process of transfer to the "Delta Bank" of the assets and liabilities of the liquidated in January of that year, Ltd. "Ukrprombank" for a total of ~ 3.1 billion hryvnia, after which the bank has won first place in the second group in terms of assets in the Ukraine (out of four on the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) and 18 th in the country. Completion of this process also led to the further development of the bank as a universal credit institution (in addition to 20 thousand secured loans to individuals, the bank moved about 1 thousand clients - legal persons).

It should be noted that one of the largest creditors Ukrprombank - American Cargill Financial Services ** in late 2010, announced plans to acquire 30% stake in "Delta Bank" (additional emission by 317 million hryvnia was scheduled in September 2010), but in the present time of entry into the capital of credit institutions of a foreign investor has not happened.

PJSC "Delta Bank" has developed a network of 102 branches in Ukraine, also developed point of sale, retail space provided in "Foxtrot", "Vicotec", "Eldorado", "Technopolis", "new line", etc.

According to the NBU, the total assets as at 01.01.2011 PJSC "Delta Bank" is 13.8 billion hryvnia (51.7 billion rubles). The loan portfolio, consisting of 67% of loans to legal entities, forms 89% of total assets. Reservation - about 27% compared to 6% in 2009. It should be noted that for the year the loan portfolio grew by almost 200%, due to a very significant increase in the volume of loans to legal entities (360%) - partly former clients Ukrprombank. On other financial assets and liquid funds accounted for 10 and 18%, respectively.

Deposits of population - 5.6 billion hryvnia (20.9 billion) in 2010 increased by 115% and generates about 41% of liabilities. The funds of other banks account for about 33% of liabilities - 4.5 billion hryvnia (17 billion), most of which - debt to the NBU for assets Ukrprombank. Subordinated loans - about 5% of total capital - 4% of liabilities. Bank ended 2010 with a profit of 15 million hryvnia (56 million) to 8 million hryvnia (30 million) for 2009. According to this indicator, the bank ranks 22nd in the country.

Supervisory board
Nikolay Lagun (chairman).

Board of directors
Elena Popova (chairman), Vitaly Masyura, Andrey Kiselev, Marcin Figlus Svetlana Chirwa, Svetlana Kinberg, Sergei Kozyritsky.

* Nikolay Lagun - Ukrainian businessman, former deputy chairman of the USB's. In addition to the "Delta Bank" he owns the following assets: a collection agency «Credit Collection Group» (CCG), SC "Brahma Life", OPF "Delta" AMC "Delta Capital." In 2007, he founded the development company "Europe", in the same year acquired 100% stake in the Belarusian Atom Bank (later renamed "Delta Bank"), which is modeled on the Ukrainian bank active in consumer lending.

** Cargill - an international manufacturer and supplier of food, agricultural and industrial products, in his group includes units for the provision of financial services. Today, the company, founded in 1865, has offices in 67 countries, and the number of its employees - more than 140 thousand people. Ukrainian market Cargill since 1991, his interests is CJSC "AT" Cargill ", specializing in work in agriculture.

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