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VAB Bank

Full name of the Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Joint Stock Bank" License number 35 The head of the executive body of Peter Y. Baron (Baron Petro Yurіyovich, Baron Petr) (for information on 12.04.2011) City of Kiev The head office of Ukraine, 04119, Kyiv, str. Zoological, 5a Phone: 0 (800) 30.08.30 Website address www.vab.ua More information Bank name in Ukrainian: VіEyBі Bank (Publіchne Aktsіonerne Tovaristvo "Vseukraїnsky Aktsіonerny Bank"). Bank name in English: VAB Bank (Public Joint Stock Company «Vseukraіnskyi Aksіonernyi Bank»). About the Bank The bank was founded in July 1992 in Kiev and for a long time, since 1995, is controlled by Ukrainian businessman Sergei Maximov. Bank pursued an aggressive policy of development, according to experts, to actively finance related companies, which is why faced with the need to refinance, resulting from the NBU, in October 2009. In a crisis, in addition to the NBU, the Bank supported (through its subsidiary), the Dutch-Israeli fund Kardan NV, whose share in 2010, given the repeated infusion of funds into the bank's capital was up to 83.9%. This holding at the beginning of 2011 was realized the group of unnamed investors, which was the Russian IS "Troika Dialog". Expert opinions regarding the ultimate beneficiaries of the bank is now different. At the end of 2010, the bank returned the money ahead of the NBU, and in early 2011, the redeemed (placement in August 2008), thus fully paying domestic borrowing. The Bank has a network of sales, has about 100 branches and outlets throughout Ukraine. The bank belongs to group 2, the size of total assets (4-classification NBU) for this indicator is 29 th in the country (12 th place in the group.) According to the NBU, as at 01.01.2011 Total assets of 6.6 billion hryvnia (24.9 billion rubles). The loan portfolio, consisting of 72% of loans to legal entities, forms 82% of total assets. Reservation - about 22.4% against 12% in 2009. The rest of the volume is necessary to invest in liquid assets and securities - 17% and 3% of total assets, respectively. The bulk of liabilities, approximately 46%, shape individuals' funds. At the beginning of the year it amounted to 3.1 billion hryvnia (11.6 billion rubles), so the bank has attracted an additional order of 1.1 billion hryvnia (4.3 billion) of deposits. The remaining volume accounts for funds from banks and other legal entities - 5% and 19% respectively, other borrowed funds - 11%, subordinated loans - 5%. In 2010, the bank's losses amounted to 621 million hryvnia (1.4 billion) against loss for 2009 of $ 382 million hryvnia ($ 2.3bn). According to this indicator, the bank takes 6th place in the top of unprofitable banks in Ukraine. Organization assigned the following credit ratings from international rating agencies: Moody; s: Caa1 (03.2011). Supervisory board Kikvadze George (Chairman), Ivo Georgiev, Denis Maltsev Igor Pietraszko (Executive Director IB "Troika Dialog Ukraine"), Helen Slesaryuk. Board Peter Baron (Chair), Joan Makeyenko, Tanya Landin, Natalie Shelko, Lucas Tours, Alex Salivon, Tsvetan Petrinin, Kenyan Gilbert, Andrei Kovtun.

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