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Full name of the Joint-Stock Bank "Diamant"

License number 125

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 04070, Kiev, Kontraktovaya Sq., D 10a Phone: (38044) 490-83-84

Site address www.diamantbank.ua

About the Bank
Founded in November 1993 in Kiev, a group of four companies. According to some reports, the bank is controlled by David Zhvania *. The credit institution has a high concentration of the loan portfolio, which, with the outflow of deposits in the crisis had a negative impact on its financial condition. Prior to 2009, the bank was assigned a rating of international rating agency Fitch: BB-(ukr), which was later downgraded to B + (ukr), and still later recalled. Today, the bank's business continues to focus on lending to corporate customers and the provision of banking services to wealthy individuals. According to experts, the basis of the client base consists of companies of the group "Brinkford."

The Bank has a network of sales, there are about 69 branches in Ukraine, and continues to develop its branch network: in 2010 opened 12 branches. The private ATM network has about 70 ATM. Bank belongs to the third group by total assets (4-classification of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), this indicator is 59 th in the country (19 th place in the group).

According to the NBU, as of 01.04.2011 the total assets of the bank amounted to 2.4 billion hryvnia (8.4 billion rubles). Loan portfolio by 94% consisting of loans to legal entities, forms 68% of total assets. Reservation - about 5.5% compared to 4.5% in 2009. The rest of the volume of investments in the form of liquid assets and interbank loans (foreign currency) - 15 and 11%, respectively.

The bulk of liabilities form of legal and natural persons - about 31 and 39%, respectively. Another 17% is due to other banks. The share of total capital accounts for around 11% of liabilities.

In 2010, the bank's profit was 3.6 million hryvnia (12,7 million) against a profit for 2009 of $ 2.3 million hryvnia (8,000,000 rubles). According to this index in the I quarter of 2011, the bank took the 55th place in the country with a score of 0.9 million hryvnia (3.3 million rubles).

Ltd. "PFC" Energoinvest "- 21.9%, LLC" Inter-Vent "- 24.8%, LLC" Techno-Invest "- 24.8%," Goldfield Finance "- 20%.

Board of Directors
Alexander Ribalkin (chairman), Dmitry Voytuhov, Valery Oleinik, Valery Zayats, Mikhail Dementyev.

* David Zhvania - Ukrainian politician and businessman. In the early 2000s, was the president of the company "Brinkford" (supply of Russian fuel rods for Ukrainian NPPs). His name is also associated enterprises, such as W "Bay", JSC "Lugansk Machine-Tool Plant", "Lugansk Cartridge Works", etc. In 2005, he held the post of Minister of Ukraine of Emergencies.

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