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Monacoins - a relative of the yen, the heir of Bitcoin, competitor Dogcoin

Monacoin still little known, and not a very common kriptovalyuta. The greatest interest in it is manifested in the homeland - in Japan, but because the geographic concentration of digital currency is extremely rare. Because of the appearance characteristics Monacoin often compared with the parameters Dogcoins. Funny confrontation currency selected as its symbol an adorable Japanese dog breed Shiba Inu and a curious cat muzzle is most like a smiley face at Monacoin.
The light of these coins appeared January 1, 2014. Based on a new algorithm kriptovalyuta Scrypt, therefore, is a descendant of Bitcoin. The total number of coins - 168 million. Block 50 coins. Total time - 90 seconds, the speed of the hash - 50,35 Gh / s, algorithm complexity - DigiShield Retarget. In general, the main characteristics are typical of traditional altkoynov.
If we continue the comparison with Dogkoynami - Monacoins capitalization is only 25-30% of the capitalization Dogkoynov.
During the six months of existence Monacoins achieved the following results: they are traded in five birzhah- three of them are located in Japan, one in the British Virgin Islands and one - in China. Monacoins take five real physical and online stores, auction sites. But the main achievement Monacoins, of course, is that over 32001 Monacoins acquired quite a real plot of land in the territory of Japan.
Interesting and another analogy. Which can be carried out not with a rookie Dogkoynom and with himself patriarch kriptovalyut Bitcoin - dates Monacoins cost over a period of three months is more reminiscent of a mini version of the schedule for the three-year period of Bitcoin. Of the price of about three Monacoins yen soared to 80 yen, and in the style of bitcoins - have fallen to 40 yen. Although the cost of the rise Monacoins had a pretty specific reason - it coincided with a story about the coins in the Japanese TV channel.
However, the creators monakoynov not pursuers goal to develop a national currency national scale, as happened in Iceland. First Monacoins looked in the eyes of many miners soon as game currency, but now they will be more than serious.
Mein Monacoins are a few people at a time, but you can do it alone and Mining.

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