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Customers can now take Privat Records in PF electronically

Legal persons and entrepreneurs - customers are now able to provide Privat mandatory reporting to the Pension Fund of Ukraine in electronic form. As the press service of the bank, this feature is implemented in cooperation Privat and Pension Fund of Ukraine to introduce new technologies filing reports with the use of digital signatures.

An obligatory condition for the transition flow "digital" records in the PF is the presence of a digital signature certificate. Customers can get it Privat - both legal entities and physical persons-entrepreneurs in any branch or online bank Privat24. Preparing and submitting regulatory reporting is also available through Privat24 or special software solution "PrivatGate", providing the highest level of data security.

"Imagine how much paper to print reports, time and nerves in the queues, you can save by switching to electronic filing accounts, - said deputy chairman of the Privat, Alexander Knight. - In addition, the digital signature provides many other advantages for the optimization of accounting and business processes. "

Software solutions Privat used when applying a "digital" statements, using highly reliable means of digital signature, cryptographic algorithms are implemented in accordance with the requirements of GATS 4145-2002 and have all the expert advice of the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine. Electronic digital signature imposed on the reports and receipts, in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, have an equivalent legal validity to handwritten signatures and stamps on paper documents.
Press Service of Privat

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