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Customers will be able to take Privat tax returns via the Internet

Individuals and private enterprises - customers Privat first Ukrainian bank of the clients were able to fill out and submit electronic tax returns. As the bank's press service, the service creation and submission of declarations to the State Tax Service of Ukraine in electronic form is available to customers through the Internet Bank "Privat24."

"Now, instead of a day trip to the district tax and waiting in queues, you can fill out and submit a declaration from home or office, having spent a mere five minutes, - said the deputy chairman of PrivatBank Alexander Knight. - Of course, all data is encrypted. Therefore, politics and show business stars, as well as other users' Privat24 "can be quiet."

Electronic tax returns through PrivatBank will serve as the physical persons who are required by law to declare their income, and private entrepreneurs working on a single tax. To move to a "digital" communication with the tax needs of digital signature certificate - the personal security code, which you can get on the stick at any bank or download in the "Privat24." Certified electronic signature of documents have the same legal force as paper documents, signed by his own hand and seal of (Law of Ukraine "On electronic digital signature").

Recall PrivatBank became the first and only bank in Ukraine, which includes an accredited certification authority keys (CA). Software solutions Privat, used for electronic filing of tax returns, using highly reliable means of digital signature, cryptographic algorithms are implemented in accordance with the requirements of GATS 4145-2002 and have all the expert advice of the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine.

"Privat24" - the most popular online bank in the Ukraine and one of the largest in Eastern Europe. At present it is available to individuals and corporate clients in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Georgia and a number of EU countries. Designed to manage bank accounts through the Internet in real time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The total number of customers "Privat24" $ 3.5 million each day in the system by more than 175,000 transactions.

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