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Full name of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Alfa-Bank"

License number 61

The head of the executive body of Mihail Victoria (Michael Viktoriya Vіktorіvna, Mikhalyo Viktoria)
(Reported on 10.01.2012)

City of Kiev

The head office of Ukraine, 01001, Kyiv. Tithes, etc. 4/6

Phone: 0 (800) 50-20-50

Website address www.alfabank.com.ua

More information Bank name in Ukrainian: Alfa-Bank (PJSC "Alfa-Bank" (Ukraine).
Bank name in English: Alfa-Bank (PJSC Alfa-Bank (Ukraine).

About the Bank
Founded in November 1992 in Kiev, acted on the Ukrainian banking market under the name Commercial Bank of Support to Consumers "Vito." In 1995, the credit institution reorganized Company "Kievinvestbank."

In 2000, the bank's shares gradually acquires the structure of the "Alfa Group" *, whose share in March reached 75%, and in November of that year, the bank merged with another group of Ukrainian assets - the company "Alfa Capital Ukraine." At that time, changed its name to "Alfa-Bank", the lending institution, after a number of additional issues, has entered the top ten players in the banking market of Ukraine. Currently, 19.9% ​​of the shares owned by the Russian "Alfa-Bank", a further 80% - Cyprus ABN Ukraine Ltd, part of "Alfa-Group". Positioning itself as a universal credit institution.

PJSC "Alfa-Bank" has a well-developed branch network. For a relatively small number of units - about 83 on the territory of Ukraine, ATM network consists of more than 2600 ATM. In addition, the bank has developed a network of points of sales (consumer and auto loans), representative offices in Moscow and Minsk. The Bank is owned by one group on total assets (from 4 to NBU classification) on this index ranks 9th.

According to the NBU, as of 01.01.2011 the total assets of PJSC "Alfa-Bank" is 26.6 billion hryvnia (99.7 billion rubles). The loan portfolio, consisting of 79% of loans to legal entities, forms 86% of total assets. In 2010 the bank dosozdal about 1.7 billion hryvnia reserves (6.5 billion rubles), which in addition to reducing the loan portfolio (10%), increased the percentage of reservation to 26.4% compared to 17% in 2009. Outstanding debt - 3.4 billion hryvnia (12.7 billion rubles). The remainder of the assets - investments in liquid assets and interbank loans, 20 and 6% respectively. Securities forming 4% of total assets.

The Bank has a well-diversified structure of liabilities. For loans from international financial institutions, accounting for about 22%, 5.9 billion hryvnia (22.3 billion rubles). Due to other banks, about half of which are provided in a foreign currency, form 18% of liabilities. Deposits of population - 5.1 billion rubles (19.1 billion rubles) - 19% of liabilities. It should be noted that the volume of funds attracted from individuals for the year doubled. The share of the total capital of 12% of liabilities, 3.1 billion hryvnia (11.7 billion rubles). Bank ended 2010 with a profit of (1 million hryvnia) against losses in 2009 of $ 348.4 million hryvnia (1.3 billion rubles).

Organization assigned the following credit ratings from international rating agencies:
S & P: CCC +

Supervisory board
Johann Jonah (Chairman), Andrew Kosogov Paul Nazaryan (director of ABH Holdings), Ildar Karimov, Alexei Savchenko, Rushan Khvesyuk (Chairman of Alfa Bank, Russia), Ernest Galiev, Edward Kaufman.

Alexander Lukanov (President), Viktor Mikhailov (Chairman), Helen Lukyanchuk, Piotr Kaczmarek, Vitaly Lisovenko Sergei Polovko Tatiana Strekalov Tamara Solomienko, Valeri Naumov, Nikolai Erzhahovsky, Rostislav Matyas, Oleg Kostyuchok, Vyacheslav Molodkin.

* "Alfa" - one of the largest privately owned financial-industrial conglomerates in Russia, founded in 1989, operates in the areas of economy, such as oil and gas, banking, insurance, investment and asset management, media and telecommunications, retail trade. Principal owners: Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev.

Banking group "Alfa-Bank" includes Alfa-Bank (Russia), Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), banks in the Netherlands, Belarus and Kazakhstan, branches in Cyprus, in the U.S. and the UK. Is the flagship company of Alfa-Bank (Russia) - one of the ten largest banks in Russia, according to TheBanker 2010, Alfa-Bank (Russia) took place in the capital 291 and 401 in terms of assets, 2.5 and 21.6 billion dollars, respectively.

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