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Liqpay - a payment system that allows you to easily send money from the card of Visa or MasterCard on a virtual account in Liqpay, attached to cell phone numbers.
You can then transfer the money on, to another phone, withdraw money from the system Liqpay back to your card or leave money in your account and use them later.
Acquiring Internet - If you decide to open a business in e-commerce or long run it - you need to connect to the internet acquiring, as E-commerce can not call yourself a shop, if he does not accept payments on the cards! With this service customers easily and safely online can pay for any purchase your product or service online using payment cards Visa and MasterCard.
Siteheart - a company that animates Web. Siteheart.ru intended for communication between people - professionals and their clients in business and no cases for concluding agreements, consultation, mutual and just a great place for entertainment and communication. Siteheart.ru-a live market, where everything is possible - romantic, meeting an interesting person, a good purchase, professional advice at the right time, horoscope and lots of other possibilities. World market of live services.
Mass SMS delivery service
Now you can always tell customers about special offers in your shop, discounts on lunches in your cafe and just congratulate on the holiday, such as New Year or 10-year anniversary of your company.
Startup AgentNano - allows you to create nanoshopy - minimahazyny for sale on the Internet. Among the most popular options start selling on the Internet - Online shops, auctions, classifieds and conventional forms of order on the official site. But they all require significant time and time and financial costs, in addition, suggest a high level of Internet literacy of the person who wants to sell. Easy start selling AgentNano - one of the easiest ways to start selling online. Downloading description of the goods or services to the site AgentNano, you get the code to paste into your website, blog or profile on the social web. Buyer can safely pay for goods by credit card via the website AgentNano.
Affiliate Program Privat - Suppose you have your own website, blog, or just home, you often renew, but that does not get revenue. Thanks to the program you have the opportunity to monetize your site by setting it a unique product - Bank Widget. Selling any of the proposed banking services, which closely monitor the employees of the Bank, you will receive a reward for his account in the system Liqpay. All you need is to install the widget and make money at every successful payment or application. At the same time pay your widget can as any visitor of your life and you themselves.

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